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Zippy Applehead Books

I am pleased to announce http://zippyappleheadbooks.com is now live. Please take a moment to view the site. Very shortly I will post other information on my books and will be blogging from this site also — mainly for kids.

Librarians, authors, adults, teens, and children from all over the globe will celebrate the power of words and stories during the annual World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, March 9.

Remember 10daybookclub.com from 3/1-3/21 to sign up and review Giggly Gracie & Jammin’ Jane. It is free. The story of Giggly Gracie & Jammin’ Jane  is written in rhyme and verse with an 1800 word count and appeals to the 1st – 3rd grade age range. I would love for parents, teachers and children to all take an opportunity to read this story. Maybe even a classroom assignment for older students? Just a thought — they could sign up, read the book and give feedback. I would love to hear from the students. Thanks to all and don’t forget:

It’s a great day in the Wonderful World of Zippy AppleHead!


Live Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Dreams — no matter what age!!!!!

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

— Emilie Buchwald


…What is Beauty???

Meaningful Beauty® Cindy Crawford

I received an advertisement via e-mail yesterday titled Meaningful Beauty®Cindy Crawford.  The notice was explaining to me what I needed to do to get Cindy’s anti-aging secret. Now how the company behind sending this message knows I am in need of an anti-aging compound and better yet why I would want or need Cindy Crawford’s looks is beyond me. Why is the media so gong ho on making every girl and woman, young or old, of any body type of  runway model appearance? What message are we sending to women around the world?

I don’t get it. In a world where the movies and television shows reflect on the outward appearance of a woman what happens to the inward spirit of the human mind?  Is a size 0 any healthier than a size 16. May-be, may-be not. There are many factors that go into determining the differences in size and shape. Is the size zero a yo-yo dieter struggling to keep up that tiny child-like waist while the larger size “victim” may have developed  a healthy obsession with exercise and genuinely be of better health.

Look at our teenage girls today. Trying to keep up with the Selena Gomez’s or the Taylor Swift’s of the universe children today are bullied into believing they need to be SAKS Fifth Avenue beautiful to fit in socially. Thus we have an outrage of eating disorders, yo-yo dieting, cutting, and self-hatred  that sometimes lead to death. Demi Lovato is a pure example of a picture perfect looking teenager on the outside with a deep obsession of self-loathing.  No girl or woman should ever have to experience such guilt about her body or self-image.

And how about the face? My Neutrogena and Mary Kay products have brought me total satisfaction with the looks of my aging skin. After all I am aging. I am not embarrassed, I am not afraid and I am not wanting to look like Cindy Crawford.

I left my dreams of the entertainment industry on the editing room floor due to body mass issues. Never again will I be victimized of appearance and neither should you. Just remember your are beautiful-just the way God intended for you to be.

Live Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

see you soon…

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.



…Recipe For A Rising Star…

From Star Search to American Idol to America’s Got Talent reality television power shows have targeted contestants from around the world who are looking for an accelerated admittance into their entertainment profession. Performers travel far and wide for an once-in-a-lifetime chance to appear before a celebrity panel of judges in hopes of becoming the next compelling sought-after star. Long hours and lengthy drawn-out lines can bring about frustration according to one contestant who actually competed for the opportunity of gaining a ninety second performance stint on America’s Got Talent. For more information see America’s Got Talent contestant story on hubpages.com.
Singer/Songwriter Shane Cooley decided on the old fashion method for achieving his acclaim to stardom. A graduate of the prestigious College of William and Mary, Shane holds a BA in English. Cooley knew pursuing a major in this field of study would contribute to his lyric creations as well as equip him with the ammunition needed for negotiating touring engagements. Living with a family of educators Cooley also knew the importance of furthering his education upon graduation from Rappahannock High School.

It was true love at the first stroke of his pen. Shane scribed his inaugural song at the tender age of ten, titled I Love Rock. At fourteen he prepared for his cardinal interview with Bill Bevin’s of Lite 98 Rock out of Richmond, Virginia. Since then Bill has been an avid follower of Cooley’s and recently engineered a studio concert in recognition of his performance at the National Theater in Richmond.

At the age of eighteen Shane had written and produced dozens of songs. While his high school classmates were dating and hanging out Shane was quietly preparing himself for a life in the music industry. Multi-talented this twenty-three year old singer/songwriter composes all his own arrangements,writes all his own numbers and ensures each lyric is fine tuned musically for that harmonious sweet sound. In addition to vocals Shane plays guitar, drums, piano and harmonica.

Shane’s beginnings were rough. As Cooley explains most of your favorite artists are not born of natural talent. It takes drive, dedication and precision to develop the clarity in the voice pitch and sharpness in the tone.Clearly his heartfelt drive and his passionate love for music have nourished Cooley into the accomplished and talented young musician he is today. Although his love for music commenced at such an early age Cooley believes his twenty’s to be his turning point considering he feels he was born forty years too late culturally.

Upon his graduation from the College of William and Mary a year ago Shane secured two national music tours and is preparing for future coast-to-coast gigs. Touring with several other talented artists on the Home Sweet Home circuit Cooley, along with the Melillo Brothers, Adam Smith and Adam Web, instantly meshed. These spirited and gifted musicians spent days cruising the California coastline, showcasing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and splashing down in the middle of the Sedona Film Festival in Arizona. It was true love at first bite for Cooley.

Shane has released several cutting-edge CD’s including Flying Naked in 2005, Whirlpool in 2007 and as recent as February West Land. Popular cuts from his newest disk include California Nights, College Town and Window Shopping. Cooley has received many awards over the course of his short career including 2nd place as Best Male Artist in the International Acoustics Music Awards, IAMA. Additionally Shane was a semi-finalist for the 2009 International Songwriting Contest hosting Rob Thomas as a panel judge. Selected as a showcasing artist for the USA Songwriting Contest at SXSW in Austin,Texas Cooley is shopping his music to record labels across the country.You can also catch Cooley on Bandromeda.com, a social space for musicians and fans.

Shane has over a decade of hard work and dedication under his belt. The past few years have definitely yielded to his pivotal development in honing his artistic skills and learning the ins and outs of the music industry. When not in concert he labors around the clock composing new tunes, booking tours, and working first-hand in making fresh connections. Shane Cooley has mastered the task of remaining focused upon accomplishing his musical career. On stage he remembers why he does it. When you see him in concert you are seeing Cooley at his finest. Shane Cooley has truly acquired the rock solid foundation needed in becoming the next superstar of today.

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