…What is Beauty???

Meaningful Beauty® Cindy Crawford

I received an advertisement via e-mail yesterday titled Meaningful Beauty®Cindy Crawford.  The notice was explaining to me what I needed to do to get Cindy’s anti-aging secret. Now how the company behind sending this message knows I am in need of an anti-aging compound and better yet why I would want or need Cindy Crawford’s looks is beyond me. Why is the media so gong ho on making every girl and woman, young or old, of any body type of  runway model appearance? What message are we sending to women around the world?

I don’t get it. In a world where the movies and television shows reflect on the outward appearance of a woman what happens to the inward spirit of the human mind?  Is a size 0 any healthier than a size 16. May-be, may-be not. There are many factors that go into determining the differences in size and shape. Is the size zero a yo-yo dieter struggling to keep up that tiny child-like waist while the larger size “victim” may have developed  a healthy obsession with exercise and genuinely be of better health.

Look at our teenage girls today. Trying to keep up with the Selena Gomez’s or the Taylor Swift’s of the universe children today are bullied into believing they need to be SAKS Fifth Avenue beautiful to fit in socially. Thus we have an outrage of eating disorders, yo-yo dieting, cutting, and self-hatred  that sometimes lead to death. Demi Lovato is a pure example of a picture perfect looking teenager on the outside with a deep obsession of self-loathing.  No girl or woman should ever have to experience such guilt about her body or self-image.

And how about the face? My Neutrogena and Mary Kay products have brought me total satisfaction with the looks of my aging skin. After all I am aging. I am not embarrassed, I am not afraid and I am not wanting to look like Cindy Crawford.

I left my dreams of the entertainment industry on the editing room floor due to body mass issues. Never again will I be victimized of appearance and neither should you. Just remember your are beautiful-just the way God intended for you to be.

Live Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

see you soon…

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.




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