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—just me, my honey and my puppy…

Yesterday was the epitome of FUN! My husband, puppy and I decided to jump in the van and take a day long road trip. Fourteen hours to be exact. We bought a new canon camera in March and are trying to get our photos noticed in the Canon sponsored Project Imagin8ion contest. So out for a photoshoot we went.

For almost twenty years my better half and I have had a variety of individual hobbies. We have each tried to get the other involved with those interests to no avail. My husband is into woodworking, guitars and music, and now enrolled through the University of Phoenix. I, however love dancing, writing, and reading celebrity gossip magazines. But now we have our new Canon T2i camera and a new hobby for two + puppy.

We left at 9:30AM and our first stop was graduation for 3 lovely young women at our church. Out came the T2i as Steve snapped several photos’ during the ceremony and reception. Then we picked up our Annie girl from my sisters and headed out across Interstate 64 in Virginia not knowing where we were going or what we would find to photograph along the way

We found plenty of dusty roads and the van is filthy. We found railroad tracks with a tiny old post office building, the Walton Mountain Museum, Afton Mountain Scenic overpass as well as brooks, streams, creeks, a log cabin building and several old barns.  

We stopped in Charlottesville at a Mexican restaurant with outdoor seating and puppy was able to sit with us. We met a great couple seated next to us and some adorable kids from Hampton who fell in love with Annie. We stopped for ice cream at Bruesters and they gave Annie a free puppy sundae with a dog biscuit on top.

Now let me tell you my puppy is pretty darn spoiled. She has a dog bed we carry on the lap so she can rest comfortably up front with the passenger. She gets to get out at each stop to stretch her legs, has plenty of drinking water and gets treats along the way. It is a great dogs life for Annie.

It was an old fashion quality day. No idea where the day would take us and what we would find. We left with a tank of gas, the camera and an idea. We found a genuine love along the way for a new hobby we can now both enjoy together.

Just me, my honey and my puppy!

Live Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

see you soon…

Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.~ Dale Carnegie


Hello Tampa Bay…

On behalf of the entire US Airways crew welcome to Tampa Bay. Touching down at 6:30PM brought me directly into the 90 degree flame of the Tampa Bay area. Add in the 100% humidity and you have a recipe for disaster for an out of shape over-the-hill grandma. After thirty-two years of  Tampa Bay life it now has one of the most undesirable climates in the  United States for me with hot–sticky–wet behind the ears–sweat beads at the neckline–searing warmth with tons of air conditioning needed almost year round. Weather leaving you chafed between the legs while wearing hose or brings exhaustion from being in the intense heat for any length of time. I have experienced horrifying sunburns in the past which have now reaped serious skin cancers on my back. And as always yesterday was no different. Upon exiting the Tampa airport the oppressive heat mingled with the humidity, mosquitoes and love bugs has not changed one bit since my last visit two years ago. Each time I hit the walkways of the airport I know why I live in Virginia. 

Taking the shuttle over to the main terminal to retrieve my luggage I noticed a couple in front of me heading toward the elevator. By the way they were dressed it was obvious to me they thought they were somewhere in the northern hemisphere. The gentleman sported a royal blue jacket with navy  pants and a long sleeve shirt. His female companion had a silk-ish orange long sleeve jacket with 9- inch high heels and beige hose. They appeared to be heading to a nearby convention of some sort. The woman was a slave in her own heels, struggling to keep abreast with her companion who was several feet in front of her.  Let’s just say heels of that height would make me an André the Giant size or 7 foot tall at best.  She apparently was unaware when she stepped outside into the sultryness of the evening air her entire outfit was going to melt right into her skin like white on rice.

Knowing the atmospheric conditions of the south brought me in jeans, a t-shirt and sandals. And once outside I remembered my sunglasses were parked inside the van in my Virginia driveway.  The bright sun of the evening was still upon us reminding me I needed those shades for the balance of the week. Guess that will be my first purchase of this visit.

Nestling in with my wonderful grandchildren will keep me indoors plenty over the course of the next 5 days. This time alone with my little ones will make this a worthwhile trip. Oh, by the way, the tomatoes are the best now. So with that said my inside time will bring about plenty of  hot Florida sunshine and delicious fresh vegatable salads which I do admit I love.

Live Life to its Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

From Sunny Florida…see you soon…

…The Candied Apple…

“Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple”

Someone once told me never stare up at the buildings. The thieves and the bandits will know pretty darn quick you’re from out-of-town. Totally  mesmerized by the volume of detailed mega-structures housed in the Big Apple it was difficult not to display the effervescent mindset of a first-time tourist. Manhattan is just down right an awe-inspiring city. Planning my cardinal adventure was electrifying. How would I conceivably engineer ample time to see my all time favorite celebrities? Jerry Seinfeld?  Regis Philbin? Donald Trump? So much to do and see in less than three days.

Arriving mid-afternoon on a brisk Autumn day in November brought me directly to the Hyatt Hotel on East 42nd at the Grand Central Terminal. I was completely spellbound by the magnificent and glorious Grand Hyatt. Moved by the splendour of the tapestry splayed between the four walls of this first-class hotel I knew I was no longer in Kansas. My premium pick for overnight stays has always Tom Bodette’s  Motel 6 –you know– the one where the lights are always on.  

My daughter and I had a lengthy agenda and a no-nonsense plan to tackle the sights. Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, SOHO, Tribeca, Broadway, Wall Street, Serendipity, Macy’s, China Town, Little Italy, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Herald Square, Regis and Kelly and whatever else we could cram into two full days. Now any seasoned foot passenger to the city knows our timetable was impossible to do.

The afternoon of our arrival we trekked around Times Square and Broadway. Overwhelmed by the crowds we ruled against standing in line to buy tickets to a Broadway show. The droves of people were breeding on the streets right before our eyes like mice in an experimental laboratory. Upon leaving Toys “R” Us we witnessed Spiderman climbing light poles while luxury sedans and stretched limos moseyed through the throngs of moon struck folks. Suddenly a group of young girls broke into a thunderous roar. Glancing toward the MTV studio’s my daughter and I caught fancy of these teenage fanatics. Standing directly in front of us clad only in tidy whites, cowboy boots and a shiny guitar was The Naked Cowboy. And for a small price you could have a photo shoot with this fine Times Square attraction. Now I must confess to you here. Upon witnessing this unbelievable extravaganza a giant NYC pothole bounced up from beneath my feet and swallowed me whole. Knowing full well once the light turned green 50,000 cabbies would be blowing horns and squashing me to my very demise a strange man (I’ll call him my angel) suddenly lifted me to my feet and before I could say thanks vanished into the thick of the night. Embarrassed and injured by the incident I hobbled back to the hotel and turned in for the rest of the evening.

Early Friday morning brought us to Live with Regis and Kelly. Harboring our tickets like fugitives we moved slowly but directly into the studio. A fun-filled hour existed with a performance by Josh Groban. Regis and Kelly mingling with audience members during commercial breaks was surreal to me. Anyone following my posts knows my love for the entertainment industry and my aspiration to meet Howie Mandel and Adam Sandler.So for me my friend this was a mighty fine moment and well worth my entire journey to New York.

With locomotive speed we conquered Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, Empire State Building, Ground Zero,and Herald Square. Dining was high on our list of most do’s. Noshing on street vendor hot dogs and Serendipity’s famous frozen hot chocolate was paramount but my all-time favorite watering hole was Bravo Pizza on 42nd and 5th a place I dwell at on my frequent visits to the city. Amazed by the legions of refuse and homeless chaps crowding the streets and storefronts we settled in once again for another night. 

Exhausted inside and out it was finally time to bid adieu. With Frank Sinatra’s famous tune  New York New York etched deep within my heart I bid farewell to my new city friend. My daughter and I went in two separate directions promising a NYC rendezvous would become a yearly tradition for us.  Statue of Liberty? Check. Times Square? Check. Rockefeller Center? Check. Serendipity? Check. And yes, Regis Philbin? Check!

Live Life to its Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

see you soon…