About the Author

“Live life to the fullest no matter what age”

I grew up an “Espy”.  For forty plus years I yearned to be an integral part of the arts and entertainment business.  Growing up plus size in an era when weight issues were taboo and swept under the carpet (sorta like mental illness in the 50’s & 60’s) distinguished the “espy” in me.  Longing to “fit” in socially, mentally, and physically was non-existent throughout my early to middle years.

Spending a career in the functionally of math brought injustice to my writing aptitude on yearly performance reviews. Although I cherished the work during my employment at best my writing was sub-standard.

I am a novice writer. Occupying an enduring wish to become a published author brings me to this blog. Captivating my memoir through humorous short stories and poems brings about a new-found excitement I entrust to you. This is a work in progress.

Approaching sixty, I am happily married with two wonderful daughters and two incredible granddaughters.  Currently working at a high school provides the opportunity to mentor to the students about life’s ambitions. My husband is also a teacher with a weekly one-hour talk radio show.

The Mighty Hercules  introduces excerpts from my already partly written life story. Please feel free to leave feedback, comments and/or requests for more information.




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