…SHOT down Twice…

Two years ago I applied for the financial position at our local technical center. The former finance director had done some pretty hefty embezzling and my dream job was now open. After all I had top-of-the-line skills and experience~~business, human resources, finances, and the school system. I went ready for my interview with a beautiful laid out information package with my cover letter, resume, references, accomplishments and top notch recommendations. A second interview left me with the genuine belief I would be getting the job. The call came from the principal telling me I was the number 2 pick ~~ not exactly a self-esteem booster but never-the-less I was in the top two.

After two years this particular position came available again. This time the principal advised my husband who is a teacher at the center that as far as he was concerned the job was mine. He explained he would have to advertise and go through the normal routine of interviewing but it was mine for the taking.

Again I went very well prepared. I didn’t just sluff through because I knew the job was mine. I thoroughly prepared to earn the right to this position. I had my cover letter, impressive list of recommendations (different from the last time) and in-depth details of my accomplishments over the last two years.I still had all the previous experience the position called for but now I was even payroll trained.

The panel interview didn’t frighten me as I am used to that type of interviewing. I was not stumped on any of the questions and was told afterwards my interview was very impressive and I interviewed exceptionally well.

Yesterday morning I got the call. The principal who advised me the job was mine for the taking was on the other end telling me I didn’t get the job. Shocked and amazed that someone of that caliber had little to no integrity in my opinion was devastating at best. I called him back to question what went wrong on the interviews. Nothing he explained advising my interview was superb and I was right up there with the best. He couldn’t pinpoint one single reason why I didn’t get the job. In fact I took him off guard with my call.

Now let me tell you I am a “come here” not a “born here”. I live in a community that I love but also one that runs by the old adage “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” and one where it’s all in who you know not what you know. Nevertheless I love my job where I am and for whatever reason God obviously didn’t want me in this particular position.

But let me tell you…getting shot down twice for the same  job isn’t fun at all. Especially when I was number 2 the first time and the head honcho tells you ahead of time the job is yours. Politics are corrupt at any level. It is not just Washington!

Live Life to the Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.  ~Confucius


 see you soon…


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Grandmother, mother, wife, sister, friend, aunt. A professed love of theatre. Retired from Verizon. Financial secretary at Rappahannock High School. Married to "The Mechanic Man". Love to travel. Born again Christian! View all posts by jant1951

One response to “…SHOT down Twice…


    I’m glad you had the gusto to call him. It says a lot about your character, as well as how you are accepting it—with a higher being & meaning, to carry you on.

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