???Are We Ever Really READY???

My father will be 88 years old in July. Although Mom had a series of health issues and passed on in 1994, Dad has been the picture of health
(with a few little mishaps along the way). He came east almost four years ago to live with me. Dad had moved to Santa Rosa, NM in 1997. Until  this very day he struggles with feelings of loneliness from missing my mom. Dad is a born again Christian, a retired Baptist preacher and a true inspiration in the word and works of God.

It was my idea for Dad to come and live with us. He was alone and without family in New Mexico. (However you are never alone with God). It bothered me as he was getting up in age and lived well over an hour from true necessary medical care if needed. A few years earlier he had emergency open heart surgery and none of the family could get out that way. It bothered me he was alone. So with that said I proposed he come here to stay.

In October of 2007 Dad came. He stayed for a while and then decided he was in the way. So we moved him into an apartment in Richmond. After almost a year he decided my divorced brother needed some companionship and we moved him to Memphis. That lasted 3 weeks when Dad came back to our house.

I must confess I haven’t always had a servant’s heart for Dad over the past three years. My dad forgets I am almost sixty years of age myself and being of sound judgement and mind I don’t need reminded how I should live my life. In addition he has been my soul responsibility financially — another daily burden.

Now Dad is sick, and very sick at that. He has been diagnosed  with heart failure, kidney failure and was just treated with pneumonia. My whole attitude has changed. Until I can get him into a nursing home I want the very best for Dad and his needs.

Now I wonder how I could have  been so selfish but let me tell you, God has certainly intervened and softened my heart.I deal with a myriad of emotions as I go through the necessary government red tape to get Dad onto Medicaid so I can get him into a physically secured environment. I have mixed emotions of the nursing home situation although Dad is completely at peace with. I know it is best at this time in his life…..but gee just four years ago Dad was the picture of health…….Just a year ago Dad was the picture of health. Just six month ago Dad was the picture of health.

So I ask you now, are we ever really ready?

see you soon…


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