SNAP…Crackle…POP!!! ~~YOUR gracious Federal Government give-away programs….

SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! How many of you are familiar with the Food Stamp entitlement program? It is a federally funded government program monitored (NOT!) and run by state. It is a joke!  Now don’t get me wrong…I am not against entitlement programs if monitored properly and the entitlements are provided to the people who truly are in need of the benefit. Not the folks that have figured out a way to steal from society. Like the local drug dealers. No income to report but have that ever-present food stamp card.

Let’s talk about the Virginia SNAP program. A true thorn in my side. Working full-time as a financial secretary I find myself moonlighting at a second job part-time on weekends. It’s called-when-the-first-job-doesn’t- pay-enough-a-second-job-is-needed. And by God my 2 jobs contribute highly to the SNAP program in my taxes.

 Now yesterday a young woman came bouncing into the store with a gaggle of friends. After ordering 8 cold sandwiches (yes cold deli sandwiches are food stamp eligible) she proceeded to the counter with 12 bags of chips, 6 large bottles of soda pop, ice cream, candy and gum. Her total junk sales on her SNAP card was $32 and some change. Now let’s not forget. Once a person has purchased all the junk food they could ever possibly want on Uncle Sam’s dime they can then spend the $100 bill in their pocket on beer, wine. cigarettes, rolling paper, individual sandwich bags to bag their dope, cigars,and snuff. And by gosh they do every time.

To add insult to in jury they use each other’s cards and/or they will take cash money from fellow customers and pay for their items on the food stamp card. Wrong again…yes…..

Now my father who worked the 1st half of his life in regular type jobs and the second half of his career in the ministry gets about $1100 in social security. He is food stamp eligible for $16.00 per month. (WA-HOO) Now I tell you it cost him more than $16.00 in gas to spend his whopping SNAP allowance.  But the 19-year-old kid who just graduated high school last year has a $300 monthly allowance………what’s wrong with this picture????????

I have notified the Governor, Senator, Delegates, House of Representatives, Local Departments and yes, even the President, twice. In fact, I have hollered, screamed and fussed so loud I was denied a White House tour with my grandchildren last summer. Coincidence??? I think not.

It would take millions of dollars to overhaul this program but in the short run we are losing  gazillions of money on SNAP fraud. Now mind you I didn’t just complain, I offered resolutions.

No food stamps at convenience stores. The prices are higher.

No purchase of alcohol or tobacco products immediately after using a food stamp card. Let’s make it a triffling inconveient for the generous gift of the government.

No food stamp purchase within 48 hours of the previous purchase.

No junk food. Two of those 8 sandwiches were $5 worth of peanut butter and jelly. HELLO  buy a loaf of bread, some peanut butter and jelly and make several sandwiches.

I think the food stamp recipient should be able to purchase toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries and laundry stuff.

Get the name and picture of the recipient on the card. Make them show ID at check out.

Do random drug testing. RANDOM DRUG TESTING…..

No 5 hour energy drinks, no energy drinks of any kind. No squid. That’s right….the bait box of squid has a recipe on the back. Food Stamp eligible! 

Oh and one last idea….no advertising your SNAP card on Craigslist!

I leave you with this. A SNAP picture worth a thousand words…..


see you soon…


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3 responses to “SNAP…Crackle…POP!!! ~~YOUR gracious Federal Government give-away programs….


    I, too, have similar frustrations with US Government subsidized programs. I like that fact that you are trying to take your frustrations (with solutions) to a higher level. Maybe, though, the First Lady would be a better person to contact (she is all about “healthy eating”)…

  • James


    You have numerous excellent points, but generalizing against the entire population of people receiving SNAP benefits is a tad much.

    Being a single father, a disabled veteran, and a someone that utilizes SNAP, I can say

    • jant1951

      If the SNAP program was used in the way it was intended it would be a great program. I am not against it I just want to see enhancements. Thanks a million for your feedback.

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