…wake “UP” AmErIcA…

The Rise and Fall

Recently my husband and I inquired with our mortgage company about our home and land values.  Fortunate to find a 2 acre piece of property with two outbuildings plus the home a few years ago for a major steal was beyond our belief.  Although market prices were fairly reasonable when we relocated from Tampa to Virginia the price we paid was still way below market value. With water view scenery of the Rappahannock River in the middle of the country with corn fields and vast farmland surrounding us we are close enough to city life but far enough out to enjoy the peace, quiet and pristine beauty of the Northern Neck.

Our property had escalated quite nicely over the last ten years and we were pleasantly surprised four years ago when advised our land had increased 2.5 times in value, a significant increase. But as we sat before our financial guru this bleak day a few weeks ago we soon learned just the opposite had taken place over the course of the last couple of years.

Due to the “let’s not really call it a recession even though it is” our property had declined quite nicely. In fact, we now sit directly at the break even point which is certainly better than you have no equity at all. Now our broker put it in really nice terms for us. In fact it was quite commendable when he advised we could not borrow any money whatsoever to make any type of home upgrades. That’s OK he said.  If the housing market ever increases again so will your property. Hello, I need improvements now!

My daughter lives is nice middle class community in St. Petersburg. She purchased her home about 8 years ago for a mere 100K. For those of us considered “lower to middle class”  this kind of money is not easy to come by. Unfortunately with the fall of the housing market the vicinity she resides in has been heavily hit by the decline in home values. Four years ago a home for sale in her neighborhood would yield a value anywhere between $150-$200K. A nice increase to say the least.

There are several homes now on the market in the very same neighborhood. The homes are selling for between $49,000 and $69,000. A large-scale abatement in an economy where the financial leadership of our country refuses to admit we are in an undeniable recession. H-E-L-L-O!

Take a closer look. Working for the public school system has brought us soon entering a fourth year school term with no pay increase yet the cost of fuel and groceries continue rise faster than I can change a toilet paper roll at home. And health care…….let’s not even get into that discussion in this post.

Times are tough and the state of the American economy stinks. It’s time America for this chicken feed fed to us be stopped. We need positional and powerful change in our country with leadership who actually care about you and me. We need it now. So as Earl Pitts would say…………………….


Live Life to its Fullest and Follow Your Dreams

see you soon…


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2 responses to “…wake “UP” AmErIcA…

  • writing4effect

    We are in a troubling economy where we all should be on our knees praying for the best outcome. I do believe it will eventually turnaround, but it will take our government rolling up its sleeves and doing some real down-and-dirty work to turn back the clock on the nation’s debt, the down stock market and declining home values. We live in an area where home values, too, declined over the past four years — almost 30% below home market values from that time. Earl Pitts, eh? Well, he’s a “real” Uhmerikun!!


    I couldn’t agree with you more. We need real solutions, not Band-aids.

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