…the SiZe is the matter…

Well, I just landed in Philly heading south from Richmond to Tampa. Go figure! I am sure the God’s of the airlines are certain this is the most direct flight to the Tampa Bay area. Anyways it’s not Chicago, thank goodness. Spring break for teachers is upon us and my wonderful husband said go and have fun. Although I am not a teacher I enjoy many of the same benefits as part of the front office staff.

Excitement set in early this AM as my travels include spending several days with my oldest daughter and her family….my specialty favorites are  Alison 8, an Emily, 6. Unsure who is more excited me or the girls the next few days will be spent in hot humid St. Pete with the two most (oops, make that 3) of the four most special women in my life.

Now Richmond to Philly is only about 35 minutes in the air so you can imagine the type plane assigned to this small flight. As expected it was a commuter plane with 13 rows and 2 very tiny seats on each side of the aisle. With little standing headroom my seat was in aisle 11. I remember years ago flights boarded from the back but not today. Zone 3 was the last to board so I had to plow past everyone hitting outstretched elbows with my big bulky bag.

The fact is most airline carriers do not give ample seating room, just enough to get by if you are an AVERAGE human being. The key word here is AVERAGE. As I moved through the entire length of the plane I was once again reminded I am NOT average.

Tiny little women and YES men sat among the seats each possessing ample head room, plenty of leg room and oh yes, their seat belts fit also. Why is it that each time I fly I find my football girth shoulders hogging the seat of the petite person next to me? Embarrassing at best.

Now I am unsure why airlines don’t partake in an e-Harmony style type of seating. Tiny? Yes. Pretty? Yes? Edumacated? Yes. Zap you belong in row 4 right next to your picture perfect traveling companion. Or toe picker? Yes. Naturalist? Yes. Bad breath? Row 27 last seat right next to your companion.

Today I was the largest passenger on my flight into Philly. My head exceeds the top half of the seat by an uncomfortable margin. The front of my legs touched the seat in front of me and my football wide shoulders basked on the seat next to mine. Oh yes, and although the seatbelt did close once the plane landed I readjusted it to a tiny size person fit.

Live Life to its Fullests and Follow Your Dreams.

see you soon…


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