~~Life’s Adventures!!

How many times can you remember?

Your famous , fun and first adventure?

Did it happen in the car?

Or maybe you just ran too far.


Could it be your skipping school?

Playing like Ferris Bueller?

Marching through an Irish parade

Trying hard to make the grade.


Was it cheating on a test?

Or pulling wedgies as a jest?

Was it fun, or where you scared?

Were you caught and were you spared?


How many times have you been pranked?

From an annoying telephone caller.

Did you listen to his story?

Or did you just begin to holler?


How many stories have your told?

To get someone’s attention?

Were they true or were they false?

And did they bring suspension?


I can tell you just one time

I ran so far away

Running from the sunshine state

To the great land of great PA.


It was all because of love

Or may-be lack there of it

I was out of school so fast

Knowing this was first and last

Of one big great adventure.


My friend and I took just one jaunt

On a Tuesday afternoon

We left school so mighty fast

Setting out to have a blast

All the way we traveled first-class.


We arrived in the dread of winter

It was  freezing cold

My dear friend had never been

Outside of her mold.


Back in Florida was warm weather

Nothing like the north

It was hard to trek the walks

Staring wildly at each block

At least we were together.


No one wanted us to stay

For more than just a day

We were home in nothing flat

When one aunt we’ll call a rat

Turned and called our mothers.


Mom’s freaked out while dad’s despaired

While we loomed up north

We had fun while we were there

Knowing we would not be spared

Never again to be paired

Our friendship to be pondered.


Three days came and three days passed

This winter of adventure

Trading this experience

Would make me less a person.


Times were fun back in those days

As memories we created

So have some fun while you are young

But don’t forget

And never regret

In case someone writes of it!


Live Life to its Fullest and Follow Your Dreams.


Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.

~From the movie An Affair to Remember


See you soon!



About jant1951

Grandmother, mother, wife, sister, friend, aunt. A professed love of theatre. Retired from Verizon. Financial secretary at Rappahannock High School. Married to "The Mechanic Man". Love to travel. Born again Christian! View all posts by jant1951

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