…25 Tips for a New Supervisor…

The art of adaptation is  generally a delicate exercise in behaviorism.  Readjusting one’s lifestyle after a sizable event can be overwhelming at best. After several years laboring among the hourly wage earners and embracing union steward status,  an advancement into management proved hard-won in the beginning.  First hand experience contributes to the information furnished in this article.

Don’t assume you will know what to do when you first get that promotion.

Be aware. You will have a diverse group of employees. Each with different personalities, needs, and wants.

Don’t listen to what others tell you about your people. You will find this out on your own fast enough. Base your decisions on your own evaluations.

Confidentially is key. Don’t gossip about your employees.

Don’t go in and make overwhelming changes at first.  Listen, see and ask questions of your new group.

Know your people. Their first name especially. Find out what their interests are.

Set your ground rules up front. What do you expect? Punctuality, quality of work, honesty.

Always lead in a tough discussion with a note of positivity.

Buddy up with another trusted colleague.

Enroll in as many management classes you can.

Don’t be afraid to let your team know you have a human side.

Know the work your employees do.  Show a genuine interest.

Compliment individually and as a group.

Give credit where and when credit is due.

Don’t play favorites. Your people will know this immediately.

Lead by example.

Leave your outside issues at home.

Make time for your employees.

Go to bat for your team. If you don’t no-one else will.

Don’t forget where you came from.

Remember to have fun.

Accept projects and involve your team.

Praise your team and often.

Don’t be a buddy be a leader.

And now and then pat yourself on the back.

Management is a great experience. One that brings rich rewards along with the ability to change lives. Embrace your new challenge with respect, confidence, and the courage to cultivate your new calling. Remember a happy team is a productive team.

Good Luck!


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