EPIC Tales of YesterYear replaces any postings received under the title jltnnva. Dedicated to the readership interested in memoir prose my journals will include essays, short stories, and poems of yesteryear~~my personalized “E.S.P.Y.”

Forever aspiring  for the footlights the stage became my cherished wish. Forty-eight years later I still bear this fancy. Growing up an “ESPY”, my birth-name, during the boomer era was engaging at best.  Articulating from a geeks point of view, brings humor to my stories.

I am a novice writer on a mission, fulfilling a half decade of affections through my glad tidings. I have created a Discussion flap for any feedback or comments. Your opinions shared or kept confidential~~you choose. I welcome all commentary to my posts. The golden encouragement I leave you with is:

“Live Life to its Fullest and Follow Your Dreams”!


~~Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.                 ~Les Brown


About jant1951

Grandmother, mother, wife, sister, friend, aunt. A professed love of theatre. Retired from Verizon. Financial secretary at Rappahannock High School. Married to "The Mechanic Man". Love to travel. Born again Christian! View all posts by jant1951

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