…the trash of the matter…

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone  

Get out of your comfort zone he quipped.  My husband that is. Devouring his ramblings I unearthed he wanted me to try something different, and possibly unique. Chanting loudly claiming it builds character, it creates diversity, it’s fun. Shopping at Lowes that evening I pondered my honey’s great words of wisdom. Growing up corporate I knew all there was to know about change. Forced to read Who Moved My Cheese with every other employee destined to upsizing, downsizing, committed to opening Saturday’s and shortly afterwards, closing on Saturday’s, along with the BIG merger–change now is just incomprehensible to embrace. That is sometimes–for most of us.

I am a boomer. I am proud to claim existence in this exclusive club. Vicissitude I declare! We had the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Woodstock and cannabis. Frightened we watched the Vietnam War and Watergate. We saw President Nixon impeached, the JFK assignation and NASA created. We were young, we were brave and most of all addicted to change. And now my groom was advocating I needed to covet a new dimension. Was this mastermind scheming? Afterall, our pursuit this fine winter evening–to buy a few miniscule light bulbs and a new kitchen trash can. 

We secured our lights and moseyed to our next destination. The trash can aisle. For a family of three we spit trash like watermelon seeds on a hot summer night. Our cans were ever overflowing. Now pops is no spring chicken and commissioned to a low food count. The other two-thirds of the residence works – all day.  So, how does one domiciliary acquire so much garbage? We were now embarking on our third specimen of can for our debris. Recently discarded was the hands free, germ free canister. Impossible to retrieve garbage with an inserted bag I trashed the trash can. Purchasing a typical kitchen can proved inadequate for our Herculean amounts of muck.

And there it was. To my bewilderment and amazement. The perfect can. The epitome of an indoor receptacle. My husband amused declaring bigger is better. You gotta get out of your comfort zone he yelled. It’s perfect for the house. A universal conversation piece. Get it he hollered. You need to embrace change. So I did…..and I love it!










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