The Real? Deal!


 The Deal or No Deal Auditions”

10:00am – 1:00pm
The Shops at Willow Lawn
1601 Willow Lawn Dr.
Richmond, VA

The Richmond morning 12 news team had just announced the commodious scoop. Open auditions for Deal or No Deal to be held in the July 2006 time-frame.  This new game show had premiered in December of 2005 and quickly became a smash hit. There were only two game shows I committed to parlay in as a contestant – Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel and Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis Philbin.  In my opinion the two greatest MC’s who could captivate and entertain any array of audience. Once again opportunity was thrashing at my door.

Barely able to keep my eyes open long enough to climb from the bed I bolted upright upon hearing this news worthy broadcast. It had been forty years since the high school flubbed public speaking ordeal. It had also been twenty-seven years since I had torpedoed the set of Robert Altman’s movie HEALTH. Surely at the ripe old age of fifty-five I could ace this presentation and land my second-in-a-lifetime camera opportunity.

Employed with the same organization for twenty-five years was fulfilling. Advancing up the corporate ladder I had acquired a positive self-image through diverse training. I became accustomed to leading meetings, developing curriculum and creating mentoring programs. Opportunity had abounded and provided me copious  exposures in both traveling and relocating with my employment. Assignments took me from Tampa to Virginia to Indiana and back to Virginia. I had vowed when I achieved management status I would never forget where I came from. And I never did. I truly loved my work. It was this very profession that had provided me enough confidence to risk my vulnerability once again.

Potential “Deal” candidates were required to be at least eighteen years of age, prepare a thirty-second engaging dialogue, and complete an in-depth  application. Registration was not required. The only stipulations were enthusiasm, patience and to arrive at the Shops of Willow Lawn to gain a spot in line. Expectations were 3000-5000 fledgling wanna be’s. Long concentrated hours yielded me the following poem. It was ingenuous.

Howie Mandel you’re the best of the best

From what I can tell you’re a cut above the rest

There’s a great new show for all to see

Deal or No Deal airs on NBC

A condo in Florida is what I need

To spend more time with my fam-i-ly

I could go to see them more often than naught

When this risk I take wins me a deal spot

I am here to tell you now

This grandma ain’t too old, this grandma ain’t too old

This grandma ain’t too old to stand and be so bold!

 What a masterpiece. Practice brought me to perfection! This bit piece timed to a science would be any producers dream.I was a true shoo in for the show.

I have to say what must be said

My lifelong dream has not been fed

I want so much to be a part

From start to end in some fine art

A small portrayal a little role

Would bring me peace and make me whole

So if you’re out there please call me quick

Then I can be your newest pick

Live Life to it’s Fullest and Follow your Dreams

 See You Soon! 

Each of us has much more hidden inside us than we have had a chance to explore. Unless we create an environment that enables us to discover the limits of our potential, we will never know what we have inside of us. Muhammad Yunus




















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