….Fright….. or…..Flight….

My First Fear of Public Speaking

 My sophomore year I decided to embark on a public speaking class. I wanted so desperately to join the NEHI drama team but knew I needed to build my confidence level way WAY UP! Timidly, I entered through the classroom door, head down, eyes focusing on my giant feet. I knew I didn’t want to stumble at that particular moment in time.  You see I was also a very clumsy as well as a very chubby teen. Lord have Mercy! The class was full of jocks and girl-like jocks. This was never going to work for me.


My first and last high school public speaking event was about to take place. I stood behind the podium, sweat beating down from my shaved eyebrows–yes I guess I was a geek too. My eyes were glued wide open. All glazes in the prison cell  where upon me — girls starring directly at the girth of my body — and the guys at my gigantic ski-like feet. This was the beginning and the end…..the alpha and omega for my high school public speaking events.      

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Every speaker has a mouth;
An arrangement rather neat.
Sometimes it’s filled with wisdom.
Sometimes it’s filled with feet.

Robert Orben


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