Dreams Never Die

This is my first blog ever. I am near 60. Yikes! Working on a memoir about growing up plus size in an era when weight issues were considered –taboo–Haven’t been successful in finding a publisher  but will be posting excerpts from some of the chapters on my blog. The title of my book is…..

“The Mighty Hercules” A Fat Lady Sings.

My first true passion is for the theatre in any way shape or form. I let my low self-esteem due to my size keep me from following that dream; thus the header for my blog.

Have a great day and see you soon.

“Its important to have specific dreams. Dream Big. Dream without fear.”
Randy Pausch


About jant1951

Grandmother, mother, wife, sister, friend, aunt. A professed love of theatre. Retired from Verizon. Financial secretary at Rappahannock High School. Married to "The Mechanic Man". Love to travel. Born again Christian! View all posts by jant1951

4 responses to “Dreams Never Die

  • Deb Doherty (formerly Smith)

    Since the day i met you onstage as Lil, i loved you. I love the person you are, I LOVE the family you created, I love that you made me as one of them, and i am grateful that you have been a mom to me in this life, and even better, that i get to know you for eternity when this life is over! Psalm 139:13-18 I love you! Deb

  • Holly Hargraves

    It’s about time Mama!

  • Gloria McNees

    Good job, Jannis!!! Looking forward to hearing about your childhood. If you have been self concious about your weight all your life…this should help you get over that feeling. When I was a little girl, I was so skinny and there was a lady 5 doors away ( a very overweight outspoken Italian lady) and every time I saw her she would ask me if my mother had fed me that day. I would run home crying! People don’t realize what a lasting impression a child retains for life! GOOD LUCK & MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR NEW ENDEVOR !!!!!

  • Pat

    Wonderful! Never Give Up! Besides, I know someone who can write your soundtrack when it’s a movie!!!!!!!

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